Saturday, 20 January 2018

January possible GMing update

Games start again tomorrow. I will be there, assuming I can get back from Glasgow after seeing Paramore tonight. (Which in turn assumes I can get to Glasgow tonight. The forecast suggests there may be snow early on.) But I have no particular GMing plans.

I do have Star Wars D6 and Vampire: The Masquerade character sheets ready to go, though. Sure I had Buffy sheets somewhere too...

And one-shots ready to go, though it looks like GEAS isn’t doing them this term.

The Star Wars one-shot is breaking into a giant prison ship...

Friday, 19 January 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Dystopia Rising Evolution open call

Dystopia Rising Evolution Needs YOU!

JJ Abrams' Demimonde

Demimonde, a new SF series from JJ Abrams, in the offering pilot script to broadcasters phase. About:
a family - consisting of a mother who works as a scientist, her husband and their young daughter - who all get into a terrible car crash. After the mother winds up in a coma, her daughter begins digging through her experiments in the basement and winds up transporting to another land amid a world’s battle against a monstrous, oppressive force. Her father then follows her into this new world.
Portal SF or portal fantasy? (Fantasy suggested by another land rather than another world.)

Could be fun!

Since it sounds like Abrams wrote the first episode, I would expect mystery, but considering his last couple jobs I would also expect space and monsters and such. The father-daughter dynamic is an interesting choice too.

From the description, the show I’d create would be a lot like Joel and Ellie from The Last Of Us thrown into FarScape instead of a zombie apocalypse. Fairly light-hearted familial bickering in a spaceship. The feel depends on the daughter’s age and her and her parents’ casting, of course - a college-age-plus daughter and an older mentor-y dad would play differently again.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The boardgame renaissance has really arrived...

... because people are making and selling counterfeit boardgames. An unwitting buyer compares fake and real copies of Pandemic Legacy. Given that bootleg toys are often made with substandard and unsafe materials, this is a rather worrying development.

Thanks to Steve Dee for the link.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Trinity and Æon art

Three more pieces in the Onyx Path Monday Meeting post. The top piece is from Æon, showing the Æsculapian Order in action. The next pieces are from the Trinity core, and the first is called Planning A Heist, and I may have squeed audibly.

Star Wars matters

It’s been said before, but it does.

When I was a kid we had Star Wars wallpaper. Just now, thanks to Kiersten White on Twitter, I saw a link to a kids’ bedspread set with Rey wielding her lightsaber, Poe running with BB-8, and Finn with Rose, and I got a bit happy cry. These will be kids’ heroes growing up.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Time for new games...?

GEAS starts again next week. That feels a week late, but never mind. No idea what to do really, if anything.

I seem to be thinking a lot about superheroes, though. The revival of a Marvel SAGA game from many years back may have spurred that. Probably back to the ICONS idea where the PCs are the Big Team and the rest of the universe follows.

I also kind of want to do another Vampire game, after the last one went... away from my idea. And Buffy for the same reason.

The Avengers (ours not Marvel's)

Shane Black is spearheading a revival of the Steed and Peel Avengers, set in 60s Britain as the original show was... sort of. Depends on casting and other writing and so on, of course, as the basic premise is “spy show with a rather high Weird Level” and they might not get to keep the name.

Back in the day I thought ITV should bring it back to go up against Doctor Who. (And I would have called Colin Firth about playing Steed, pre The King’s Speech when he became too big and very pre Kingsman when he basically did that.)

Saturday, 13 January 2018

How to get a city you've never visited right

The AV Club looks at The Chi and other TV series set in Chicago, nominally or otherwise.

My own experience of Chicago can be summed up by adding “By Night” to the city’s name - and based on later reading, the classic Vampire: The Masquerade setting isn’t a great representation either, though it does have nice historical touches like the Brujah being representatives of generations of radicals. You could lift a lot of it out and out it in New York pretty easily - use CBGB’s for the Succubus Club and it probably works better.

That time Snoopy joined the Apollo mission

Charles Schulz allowed NASA to use Snoopy as their safety program mascot, which resulted in silver Snoopy pins going into space and being given to flight safety staff for exceptional service.

I find this befuddling but lovely.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Dystopia Rising: Evolution

The next Storypath game, to be developed by Eddy Webb, Dystopia Rising: Evolution brings the post-apocalypse horror LARP setting to the tabletop.