Thursday, 19 October 2017

Bitter Root

Harlem Renaissance monster hunters. In.

Cavaliers Of Mars Day

Today marks the successful completion of the Cavaliers Of Mars Kickstarter, on the sixth anniversary of the original plan to publish it via what would become Onyx Path. Let us commemorate it thus!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Buffy idea of the week

Since the spell to empower slayers has gone from “last performed in the ancient times” to “used and improved on a few years ago” there must be a pretty decent market in bootleg slayer spells.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Calm Before The Storm

I pretty much missed the red sky caused by Hurricane Ophelia yesterday, but I did get to experience the calm before the storm, the stillness and slight breeze and drizzle coupled with the nervous sense that it might become so much more. In the end we got off lightly, but the wait and then the winds around the house all night were unnerving.

(I’m fine, by the way.)

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Unquenchable Thirst Of Dracula

The Unquenchable Thirst Of Dracula is, remarkably, not the maddest title that this unmade Hammer film could have had - Kali, Devil Bride Of Dracula wins, besting the working title Dracula, High Priest Of The Vampires.

It’s previously been adapted as a play, and now Mark Gatiss has adapted it for radio, to air on Halloween of course.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Star Wars: Screaming Citadel

Star Wars: Screaming Citadel (two issues of the current main comic, two of Doctor Aphra and an introductory issue) is a good example of adapting a story into a new setting. It introduces a new planet which, like most Star Wars planets, is based around a specific environment. This one is basically Planet Vampire Movie.

The planet and threat are new but it’s not entirely standalone, even beyond featuring Aphra and her gang (including the Evil Droids) as it involves a couple of other Star Wars comic characters and their interrelationships.

Friday, 13 October 2017

D&D class and species frequency

An extensive survey of data from D&D Beyond has revealed that the most common D&D character type is... the Human Fighter.

As someone who has played human fighters in three of the last four D&D games (and a fighter of another species in the fourth for setting reasons) I’m not hugely surprised, as it’s the combination that requires the least amount of rules knowledge. Stats, skills, weapon damage, a couple Feats, good to go.

Thanks to Steve Dee and Shawn Gaston for the link.

Friday The 13th vs October The 31st

Besides having a better film, Halloween is also easier to plan for than Friday The 13th.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Tradition isn't always traditional

Working on Halloween Night for the Storytellers Vault has reminded me that when I was a kid we had turnip lanterns instead of pumpkins. I can entirely understand why we adopted the American development here, because pumpkins are big and carving-friendly and turnips are too small for anything bigger than a tea light and slightly easier to carve than oak.


Similarly, NFL player Colin Kaepernick, and many others, kneeling during the American National Anthem is supposedly attacking a tradition... but they’ve only played it before NFL games since 2009.

I rarely see this kind of detail in worldbuilding. My favourite example (forgive me if you’ve heard it before) is in one of the Trinity setting/Order books where it’s established that mood-sensing jewelry which really works exists... and has been out of fashion for a few years.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Angels, Demons, Joan of Arc...

... all featuring in Time Of Legends, a miniatures board game currently Kickstarting...

And I suppose the Joan miniature having long hair is a minor point to get hung up on but there it is.

Borrowing a monster from reality

Also at the Zoo: Cassowaries, people-sized flightless birds with gigantic claws and horn-like stabby things sticking out of their foreheads. The Cassowary in the Zoo has a nasty uneven cracked edge which makes it look even more dangerous.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Zoo

We went to Edinburgh Zoo today. It’s great. Pandas! Red Pandas! Otters! Sun Bears! Rhinos! Penguins! Things I’ve never heard of!

As a variation on the park or amusement park with the addition of various dangerous animals, zoos often appear in games as a horror setting.

Zoological societies also do a lot of good nowadays, preserving endangered species and protecting habitats, and PCs could go adventuring for specimens.

And yes I want a Red Panda as my animal companion.